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[FT] Rangers 1 (Morelos 68) - 0 Lech Poznan

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Rangers 1 (Morelos 68) - 0 Lech Poznan

Lost our way a bit there at the end there, but is that 15 matches unbeaten? 6 points from 6 in the Europa League! Beat Celtic away in the first old firm match. Really incredible start to the season, couldn't ask for anything more!

awesome is awesome.

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2 minutes ago, CammyF said:

3 points, clean sheet, Alfie on target, no shots on target from them. 


1st half was poor, 2nd half was better once Alfie was brought on. 


On to another huge game on Sunday.

Glad I read this because its more or less what I was going to say. Not our fluent best I think its fair to say but a few more 1-0 wins like that over the last few years and we would have had silverware

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We wanted better after half-time and I think we got it.  Yes, it was still scrappy in good positions with one or two touches too many but Morelos came on at the right time and one bit of magic from Barisic wins us the game.


After that we sat a bit deeper, managed the game fairly well - other than one or two bad touches after we won it back - but we looked comfortable enough to credit to the defence for yet another clean sheet.


It's getting a wee bit tricky for the manager now: does he rotate and make 3-5 changes for every game or does he risk asking too much of some players to maintain continuity?


That's a headache for another day, let's enjoy another good win tonight ahead of the next very tough match!

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