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Jeremy Corbyn suspended by Labour Party

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24 minutes ago, forlanssister said:

God, you're getting desperate in your defence of antisemitism and antisemites. 

What, quoting a Jew who is a victim?



Or maybe you prefer this one?






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1 hour ago, alexscottislegend said:

No but trying to justify antisemitism by equating that 2 wrongs somehow make a right is simply pathetic. 

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42 minutes ago, alexscottislegend said:

For some people anti-semitism is a one-way street. Nobody is trying to 'justify' but your refusal to see that it has been weaponised is what's really pathetic.

I've never ever denied it's been weaponised (see numerous posts mocking you and Buster re Mossad etc...) of course it has but if it didn't exist it couldn't have been weaaponised could it?


Corbyn handed his enemies a stick with which to beat him time and time and time again and continues to do so.


However you totally denied that there was any antisemitism inCorbyn's Labour Party time and time again and even now you're clutching at straws when the truth is apparent to man and dog

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6 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

My only agenda is to argue for an equalisation in the way we pay for crises.

Good idea. Let's have a balance between


"higher earners should give more"




"lower contributors should take less"

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Mr Corbyn is yesterday's man but if Stuttering Starmer doesn't rid his party of these momentum creatures then he will soon be out of a job as well his party is rotten to the core .

Come the next election if Labour get themselves sorted they would have a chance of forming the next government because people up and down the country will be sick to the back teeth of job insecurity and probably higher taxes brought about by repaying for this virus shambles then you can throw into the mix that old opportunist Farage who no doubt will be back with his reform party 

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5 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

But you said the other day a stricter lockdown is necessary.  


Which is it to be?

Yes a strict lockdown over this Christmas period instead of these stupid bubbles does anyone think the public are going to adhere to their little personal bubbles  stand by for another spike come February there's no guarantee these vaccines are going to work 

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