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Brexit - the Boris sellout

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7 hours ago, buster. said:

Labels are used by all but at least a couple of the above are original and tailored to fit some on this forum. 

I particularly liked the analogy about the flock of angry looking sh!tehawks descending together on a stray chip. You could draw up a decent cartoon ans partially impose faces 😉😄


The Lounge is now largely dominated by what I term as the Righteous Brothers (RB) and within The Lounge, between them, they put the world to rights and tend to shout down any alternate views. Hence, it's a place where this bullsh!t about the EU closing airspace to the UK as some kind of dark negotiating tactic or f**k you gesture, can grow arms and legs.


It's for loonies, but together you convince yourselves it must be true. 


I laugh when I see some threads calling out Scottish Nationalists as a cult of sorts.

Using that criteria, have a closer look at yourselves #SelfAwareness


The Lounge Is increasingly becoming an echo chamber, you can convince each other of one thing and dismiss another, confirmation bais thrives.




“O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!"




And yet here you are?

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On 21/12/2020 at 11:31, buster. said:

If it was in London, that is a given.


But if you want to reduce transmission then the first thing to do would be close borders with where it seems to have came from.


To connect Brexit negotiations and Covid measures here (and I ain't saying you did) is for the loonies or interested.

Funny you should say that..... :ninja:



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