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When will we see fans back at Ibrox?

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Now that Boris is open to fans returning to open air events will our supreme leader's rabble follow suit,  listening to the wireless they gave an example of say a 50,000 capacity stadium would be allowed 4,000 fans well separated so if and it's a big if we let in 4,000 who will get in and who will not get in might that hospitality will  come first from the income point of view anyway it will be interesting. 



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To be honest its all or nothing for me. I'd rather stick to where we are at just now.


4000 at Ibrox wouldnt be much improvement on the current climate. Plus how on earth do you decide who goes? Wouldnt be worth supporters buses running for maybe 1 possibly two members getting tickets

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2 minutes ago, Whosthedado said:

Plus how on earth do you decide who goes?

The chat I heard/read suggested it would be done on a geographical basis (ie. supporters who live closest to Ibrox would be given priority).  


I agree though, I don't see what difference 4k would make inside Ibrox.  The groans might be more specific.


I doubt I'll be at Ibrox at all this season.

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15 minutes ago, Whosthedado said:

....how on earth do you decide who goes?

It's Predestination. 


O Thou that in the Heavens does dwell!
Wha, as it pleases best thysel,
Sends ane to Heaven, ten to telly,
A’ for Thy glory!
And no for ony gude or ill
They’ve done before Thee.—

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Google tells me I'm 3.7 miles from the old lady of Edmiston Drive so I'm happy at this development, but I have to say Covid is rife in this part of Glasgow currently and I'd be astonished if they allow even small crowds of people to congregate anytime soon near here. 

As has been pointed out 4,000 in Ibrox won't make much difference to the atmosphere or the coffers, but it's a big deal to St Mirren or Hamilton far less Yoker Athletic or Petershill. I think Glasgow will be one of the last places to see this restriction lifted though. 

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