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One Game at a Time?

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1 hour ago, the gunslinger said:

for decades. 

I think you're mistaken there. When he first came to prominence in Glasgow back during the poll tax protests he played down his club allegiances for fear of alienating potential support and because it wasn't fashionable for politicians to openly support football sides. He played Junior for most of that period so he wasn't seen attending senior matches, but there was no doubt what club he supported, none at all. He was pals with Billy Davies so maybe that's why you think this, but trust me he was always a Tim. 

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On 24/11/2020 at 14:32, compo said:

Its after the new year break that concerns me we seem to find it hard just to slip into gear again  .

I don't think there is one this year.


Not that it matters.


It's an oft repeated myth. Just like the one about us benefiting from empty stadiums. 

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