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[FT] Rangers 2 (Arfield 7; Roofe 69) - 2 Benfica

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Ah well deja vu but not losing against a class team home and away is quite satisfying,although shedding 4 points in 25 minutes is a bummer.


Have thought about how to sub Alfie,he could be brought on at start,take kick-off then subbed,think that would please his detractor on here.

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Benfica, Porto, Villarreal and Feyenoord have been unable to beat us in the last couple of years.


That would be impressive for any Rangers side.


I'm happy with our European performances.  

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Disappointed not to win tonight but I’m sure we all realise playing a class side like Benfica is a massive step up from the SPFL. We can be proud of another great EL run as we’re again within touching distance of the knock out stages.

just a pity we’re not there to enjoy it...


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Heart and Hand Postmatch Podcast by David Edgar


Regarding subs, while I was thinking about it too, IMHO, the only players that SG would have thrown on if available would have been Aribo, Jack and probably Zungu. Stewart might have given us someone to hold the ball up field and spray a few passes, Hagi might have provided some spark too and Itten some power. We'll never know. As it is with some of our chances - for as opposed to Benfica, for all their good play, we should really have had a penalty to make it 3-0 while Alfredo was unlucky with that shot at 2-1. (In saying that though, I would not want to tempt fate, as we have had quite a few "lucky" episodes these last few weeks, e.g. the 2 deflections at the weekend that helped us to an otherwise still very much deserved win.)

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Put me in the 'why didn't we make any subs' camp. I'd have replaced our forward three with Barker, Hagi and Itten and either Davis or Arfield with Helander when it was 2-1. We were clearly struggling to match them at that point as their 4 subs injected freshness and energy to their play. Looking at our bench you realise we're still a bit thin squad wise. It feels like Stewart and Barjonas are simply being kept around to make up the numbers as neither looks like ever playing while Dickson and King are not close to being ready for this level. 


That grumble aside I can't lose sight of the fact we just went toe-to-toe with Benfica and produced two wonderful matches. Ten goals, some wonderful football from both sides, and, in truth both sides can feel fortunate to have drawn while also feeling they could have won. The simple truth is our first team are now at the same level as Benfica and if we can maintain that this season we'll play European football after Christmas and we'll win the league. No slip ups, no distractions, keep focused and keep playing as we can and it won't matter if they appoint Guardiola assisted by Klopp, this will be our season. We can all see the potential now, we know 55 is in our own hands and if they can keep entertaining us with that beautiful football we play then so much the better. 

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