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[FT] Rangers 2 (Arfield 7; Roofe 69) - 2 Benfica

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Just now, Frankie said:

Ultimately, Benfica are a first class team (think Leverkusen) so to get a draw (twice) & still be disappointed says a lot about the progress we've made. Let's take care of Standard Liege (& Falkirk first) & we'll all be smiling as wide as the Forth (sorry Clyde) this time next week.

Definitely. And I am much less disappointed than the first time because that was against 10 men and we were in full control and still made basic errors to lose goals. This time they were in control and the actual goals weren’t a result of basic errors. 

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4 minutes ago, weebluedevil said:

Again, I understand that, still doesn’t make me feel any better. I thought we were winning that and we should have. We should have learned if not at 2-0 up, certainly at 2-1. Why we didn’t make a change to bring on fresh legs is beyond me. 

Mate, just bringing on subs for the sake of it doesn't really work, I thought we were doing as well as we could, I thought our players were playing as well as they can, who would you have brought on and for who? it's not that simple. I think it was a fair result, I thought we were unlucky but a draw was probably fair, although we should have had a penalty, all in we are still unbeaten:rfcbouncy:

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19 minutes ago, weebluedevil said:

Yes, that’s what the head says, but the heart has a dagger stuck in it right now. I need to go to A&E. What have this team just done to me. 

Benfica have spent circa €100M in 2020, have players with years of CL experience, and we've effectivly drawn 5-5 on aggregate with them and lead them in the group with two games remaining.


On paper we should be fighting for 3rd or 4th place in the group but in reality we are well placed for 1st or 2nd place. That is nothing short of outstanding. 



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43 minutes ago, DMAA said:

We needed fresh legs up front. We aren’t closing them down like we were earlier in the game and it’s allowed them to get the ball forward much easier. Why the reluctance to make changes all the time. Really frustrating. 

This is the one massive annoyance as far as Sg for me. Even to kill a bit of their momentum .... all in all I am happy where we are but we could be better

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The players put a lot into that game against a team that technically is better than us so  a draw is a good result if disappointing because we were two  nil up against them. I would have been more disappointed if we had lost four one and only had one point in the Europa league.😁

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Just now, the gunslinger said:

Gerrard clearly thinks subs upset the rhythm when we are holding on. 



Which is fine and he's been proven right on that a few times.  I think he was wrong tonight though but I'm not the Rangers manager (disgracefully BTW).

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