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Covid19 Immunity Passports are Inevitable

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1 hour ago, Bill said:

Lighten up, is humour dead among the righteous mob? As a long standing proponent of racist genocide I have an obligation to act reprehensibly at least one every day. Nothing personal, it was just your turn. Sorry.

:lol: now that is comedic gold ;) 

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How long do you think such passports will be of any use ?


Get new vaccinations every X months as the virus mutates ?


How many of these vaccinations that are getting rolled out so quickly will have major side effects for some ?

Get one vaccination that works and you're covered, ok I can see the arguement. 

Getting that vaccination only for it to become next to useless a few months down the line, not so much.


Different people, Different circumstances, Different level of risk

Imposing the Vaccination on everyone would IMO be wrong and it wouldn't have the effect they want given the developing situation.



The song goes............You don´t know what you're doing !




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27 minutes ago, the gunslinger said:

people who refuse vaccination should pay for any covid related treatment personally. 

Seems only right. 

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