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What do we think of their tables? We weren’t in the league for half of them but 3 trebles is a good achievement, could be 4, we would be over the moon if it was us the competition isn’t great compared to 20 yrs ago but that’s not their fault, we were crap pre Souness does that mean they don’t acknowledge anything they won during that period?

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They voted us out of the league, so their trophies were won off the park by severely weakening us. 


As for "4" when did they WIN the league for that? 


However knock yourself out if you want to give them credit for their ability to threaten and bribe, while undertaking a massive cover-up. 

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6 minutes ago, buster. said:

Ask Celtic fans what they'll think of 8.75 IAR if they lose the title this year......... #Worthless

I know a few and they certainly wouldn't admit that publicy.  Although we all know that lot tend to avoid airing dirty laundry in public.

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