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55 minutes ago, buster. said:

Whilst important in the wider world, generally I'm not particularly bothered how you term something on here, it won't alter how I see X or y. Even if I do make a point re terminology, I'll go beyond that. Disagree and as per 'invite', put forward an alternative. Then why not discuss the wider point?


This kind of helps illustrate where this all is and why on these types of issues, forums are a waste of energy/time. 

If you realise it's a waste of time, why bother with such rambling, long-winded posts?

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36 minutes ago, forlanssister said:

The lockdown and associated shit is clearly affecting your state of mind, seek help in one form or another before it's too late for your own sake.

Please don't ignore this kind advice @buster.


We are all concerned for you wellbeing.


The forum would also benefit if you could stop contributing such poisonous rhetoric. 

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3 hours ago, buster. said:

Back in the 80's, I remember thinking that anti-racism campaigns were fundamentally flawed. That isn't to say that they weren't needed, but IMO, they were simply not the way to go about what to be fair is a hugely difficult problem.


It was the same for many politically correct themes, they effectivelly made hay....but in a way that would wire-up a system that would inevitably break down at some point in the future.


You had IMO, the double whammy of something that wouldn't really be effective throughout society and a ticking time bomb of sorts regards the foundation.


What you actually need is a double whammy of fully recognising that political correctness in the way we have tended to adopt it, doesn't work and that there is still a problem to address, but in a different way.




Fast forward to now, the bomb went off a few years ago now and societal divisions appeared between what is loosely termed as WOKE v New Facists (or whatever you want to call it). It's division and neither will win. At the sametime, the division will be exploited and  mostly, your Joe Punter on both sides will lose. 


To involve yourself in such a struggle is essentially a fools game.

It's a different more constructive game(plan) that is needed but then that would require a lot of things that are in short supply, including genuine leadership. 



I say all that, but a racist is still a racist and extreme political correctness, is an extreme that won't lead to anywhere good.

There are many who simply identify more with, let's say, anti-political correctness and IMO, there is a solid foundation to why they think as they do. But, there is a point, for a few, where they show themselves to cross a line of sorts.


New Fascists? That's a new one. Without any real fascists to find under their beds, the Woke are going after anyone who is termed conservative or populist even if they are elected. With a limited ideology and no care for the democratic process, they are the true harbingers of chaos as we have seen in Seattle and deserve to be defeated in all they do either at the ballot box or on the streets.  



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3 hours ago, ranger_syntax said:

The forum would also benefit if you could stop contributing such poisonous rhetoric

Not rhetoric and not poisonous. We all survive reading it. Mostly it just convinces me I’m right.


He’s pretty sound on football stuff.

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22 hours ago, forlanssister said:

I digress, you're fully aware of the connotations of labeling someone a fascist.


All you're doing here is exposing your own hypocrisy and demonstrating that you are in fact the very thing you profess to despise.


The lockdown and associated shit is clearly affecting your state of mind, seek help in one form or another before it's too late for your own sake.

Aye right ?


I only threw out a general label so as to illustrate a point (with an invitation to change it / ie. hardly fixed in stone) .

To be clear, I wasn't directly calling anyone anything (I've only done that with one poster)...... and instead of some kind of conversation, it goes into meltdown. .... I've since thought a little more about that particular term/label (given how important they now are to you all) and I'd replace it with ' (unknowing) Facist Enablers'.  Now to be clear, more thought has went into that and I think it will be accurate. Reflecting on general trends/observations, over the years I have got a lot more right than wrong.


IMO, the WOKE v Facist Enablers (insert your own terms and try not to get angry) confrontations around the world tend to be like two bald men fighting over a comb. Neither have the answers, it enables and produces many ever more extreme negatives, with (as I said more than a year ago), the absence of good political leadership being the main reason (beside the economy) why it will all go to hell in a handcart ...(perhaps bump into you there...! ).



Thank you for your advice to seek help ?


I come and go from The Lounge and to me it's clear that it's too long in this place that might affect a state of mind.

Specifically, the Righteous Brothers should take a step back and have a look at themselves and how they've developed over recent years. They dish so much out but really don't like anything coming there way. It's like an angry, know it all cult that collectivelly jump on issues and anyone who oppose their view like a flock of hungry seagulls on a stray chip .

We all think we are right but there are different ways to debate.



Over the years, I've enjoyed the cut and thrust of a good old debate, often in the minority given that I keep my politics and football seperate. However, can't say that about The Lounge anymore. I guess it's a lot to do with how the wider world is developing and similar could be said for many other such places. 


When you step in and out like I have this year, it allows you a slightly different perspective on The Lounge, which you don't get if you are immersed within all the time. It also allows you to contrast it with time away from the place and everyone will have different takes.


I wouldn't recommend that you seek help but time out, at least every now and then, might be worth trying.



I reserve the right to bump my gums of sporadic occasion.


Edited by buster.
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17 hours ago, Scott7 said:

Not rhetoric and not poisonous. We all survive reading it. Mostly it just convinces me I’m right.


He’s pretty sound on football stuff.

I'm right, you are right, we are all right !



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@buster as much as I disagree with your politics I don't in slightest question your inalienable right to hold them after all cancel culture is the preserve of those on the left.


No matter how much your viewpoint differs from mine I believe you've always advocated them in a reasonably coherent fashion but what you've posted over the last few days have been anything but, it's just been a series of inane incoherent ramblings.


The last things of interest to me about fellow Rangers fans are their religion and their politics, my love of Rangers hasn't shaped my politics nor my politics shaped my love of Rangers and tend to assume that's the same for everyone (though clearly it isn't). That most Rangers fans posting on forums tend to be right of centre politically shouldn't really be a surprise given the wider demographic.


As for taking a step back from the lounge I do so quite often though it more often than not tends to be of the enforced variety and not by choice,  but thanks for the advice nonetheless. 

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