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Aberdeen man fined over sectarian rant about facemasks in McDonald’s

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David Mitchell, 40, had been in the fast-food restaurant on Union Street when he spotted a couple with a man wearing Rangers Football Club face mask, accompanied by a woman in a plain mask.

When the woman pulled her mask down slightly, because she suffered from asthma, Mitchell approached and ordered her to wear the mask “properly”, and called her a “hun” and “orange”.

Mitchell also punched the male during the incident.

Fiscal depute Susan Love told Aberdeen Sheriff Court the couple had travelled to Aberdeen for the weekend and did not know Mitchell.

The incident happened around 7.30pm on August 1.

Ms Love said: “While they were waiting for their order the accused approached them and said to the female “get your mask on properly” before calling her a  “hun”.

The fiscal said the couple perceived the comment to be racist.

She went on: “Despite the intervention of McDonald’s staff the accused continued to harass the two.”

Mitchell went on to swear at the woman, describing her as “dirty” and “orange”.

Ms Love said the male then “verbally challenged” Mitchell, who “in return swung a punch” which he managed to block.

The couple then left and contacted police over the matter.

The fiscal depute told the court: “Police were able to trace the accused due to card details on the system at McDonald’s.”

Mitchell was also identified on CCTV.

He was later traced, cautioned and charged, and replied saying he was “ashamed and embarrassed”.

Mitchell, of Lewis Road, Aberdeen, pled guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by repeatedly shouting, swearing, adopting an aggressive demeanour and making sectarian remarks, and to assault.


Both charges were aggravated by religious prejudice.

Defence agent Liam Mcallister said: “He is deeply embarrassed and more importantly ashamed of his conduct.”

The solicitor said his client led a “fairly quiet existence” and “does not go out of is way to cause trouble”.

He added: “He stated he had consumed alcohol.

“He is a man who takes responsibility for his actions.

“I’d be surprised if he troubles the courts again.”

Sheriff Morag McLaughlin told Mitchell: “Clearly these are difficult times and people respond to them in different ways. You have overstepped the mark in McDonald’s.”

She ordered Mitchell to pay a fine totalling £570.



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4 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

You'd think being called a name is worse than being physically assaulted, reading that report.


Strange old world.



Any action which is aggravated by religious prejudice needs to be challenged immediately and fully.
There is nothing strange about it.

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11 minutes ago, barca72 said:

Any action which is aggravated by religious prejudice needs to be challenged immediately and fully.

Humza Yousaf agrees.


12 minutes ago, barca72 said:

There is nothing strange about it.

If you say so.


Sticks and stones...

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