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Separate Entity FC Plan About To Come To Fruition?

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Despite him being a despicable scrote, there are times you have to give Neil Lennon credit for being the perfect embodiment of his club, the personification of everything that makes Celtic the unique football club it is. Few other people could so perfectly display the whining victimhood and complete absence of honesty and dignity that have become so emblematic of Celtic. 

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I predict a full blown mental health crisis being concocted, leading to an absence on compassionate grounds and a cloying exploitation of acquired victimhood. Light a candle at the vigil for poor Neil. 

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Their PR must be raging.  They were working so hard in the background to shift the focus away from Celtic's ineptitude and hubris, and Lenny has brought it all back like a lightning rod.

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Neil Van Helsing - Vampire Slayer?


All the strangers came today, it looks like they're here to stay.


Watching that video, obviously this has been festering during his ten day isolation. There are so many targets and he drives a stake through the heart of every last one. The Scottish Government, the SNP, Margaret Ferrier, Jason Leitch, and Andy Walker. He claims victimhood reference hypocrisy, bullying, and the general media. His memory of the Dubai jolly is far from jolly.


Has Neil lost his very special Lucy to the Count Nicola? I mean, he has thrown down the gauntlet, directly challenged the Cult. This won't end well. Neil had better spend what is left of his life(in this world) in a fully mirrored room, constantly replete in a garland of garlic blossom. 

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