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1 hour ago, Frankie said:

Thought this was interesting (h/t https://twitter.com/rossco_bear)



Probability of Rangers winning the league according to @FiveThirtyEight is now >99%. According to their models, there is a greater chance of Rangers winning the Europa League than not winning the title, for context.





The Europa League one is interesting - they have us as having the =9th best chance of making the quarter finals - that would be some achievement in my mind.

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2 hours ago, Frankie said:

We 'only' need to win our nine remaining pre-split games to secure the title as the penultimate one of those games is against Celtic (20th March).


That would give us a total of 93pts whilst Celtic (even if they win their two games in hand), by losing against us, could only gain a maximum of 30pts, taking them to 76pts.


A draw in that match would leave a gap of 14pts ahead of the five post-split games.


The first post-split game will also likely be against Celtic unless the title has been secured already.

i suspect if we haven't won it the post split OF game will be late in order to have us having won it before that game. Unless it is somehow at the point a 6 point swing doesn't win us it. that would mean we would need to be down to 9 point gap. I think realistically we would need to be at 6-8 point


That's the way it has always been though having no fans there may change thinking. 


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5 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

Looking at their upcoming fixtures, I don't see them dropping many points at all in the next couple of months.

Mate, they're truly awful.  Right now I would be more surprised if they actually picked points up.  They have :


St Mirren twice (Home & Away),



St Johnstone away (who they dropped points to at home)

Aberdeen twice (both at home)


Before the end of February


I can see them dropping points to St Mirren and Aberdeen at least once, and Motherwell won't be easy for them either.


They SHOULD win these games comfortably, but they are on such a bad run that nothing would surprise.

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6 minutes ago, craig said:

Mate, they're truly awful.  Right now I would be more surprised if they actually picked points up. 

I hope you're right!


I think they might struggle in Paisley and Kilmarnock but the rest should be a doddle.  It might also depend on their managerial situation.

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