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Feeding the Elephant – The BBC's debt to Rangers

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A chilling read. If there's a more penetrating writer out there on key Rangers issues I've yet to come across him or her. 


I've shared this to several thousand followers across social media - and urge everyone who sees merit in these words to do the same - it's the only way to fight back.

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1 hour ago, Frankie said:

The other view, which I more strongly prescribe to, is that this is a continuing injustice against Rangers and it matters too much to overlook. I’ve never been able to ignore it, hence the frequent rants. If the BBC turned around tomorrow and said ‘ok, boycott’s over, we’ll pop round for interviews in 5 minutes’, I’d be furious if Rangers even considered accepting that. You see, every passing day is another slight against Rangers and this ill-will has been building up for five years now.

A very reasonable view, BUT there are many Rangers fans who are losing out due to the lack of coverage, eg no home game commentary on the radio, not using social media etc. I know quote a few fans who don't use social media and podcasts.


The club may have to take them into account in its decision of how to deal with the BBC going forward.


There's also the issue that we have the moral high ground in that they are boycotting us. If we then ban them, they have the moral high ground and can can claim we're being petty. Many on here may not care, but it could impact the club's image and the ability to get sponsors.

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From a practical rather than a moralistic standpoint, there's really nothing Rangers can or should do unilaterally. At least nothing that wouldn't risk making the situation even worse than it is today. If some fans are missing out then they need to take it up with the BBC, not Rangers.

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38 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

I was going to point out that the initial part of the article refers to BBC rather than BBC Scotland, but thinking about it further the BBC as a whole are complicit and London have backed the approach of their biased counterparts in Scotland and refused to investigate it, despite numerous complaints to them, including one from@ian1964.

That's my thinking, there's plenty of kindred spirits in London for them. They may not be fully aware what they're signing up for but are happy with what they've been told. My mind goes back to CW2014 where many were wined and dined a la celtic. These impressions matter and last.  

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49 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

The solution, from a supporter's point of view, is simple - don't fund the bastards.

I thought about that long and hard before renewing under protest. I don’t watch a lot of TV and barely any bbc product. Mrs 7 likes travel, cookery etc even though she assesses what she watches as mostly rubbish.


My reason for renewing is I don’t believe you can choose which laws you are going to obey. That’s a lefty, republican and timmish stance.


I don’t think there will be any change in the attitude of the bbc. Their entrenched arrogance means they are right in the full knowledge that they are wrong. That applies over the whole range of bbc activity, not just coverage of Rangers.


In his article RR describes a vision of Rangers supporters in the power positions at bbc. A vision it must remain. bbc News is full of lefties. Most of the rest of production is artistic. Neither is a Rangers supporting profile. We’re all too busy working and making things.

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