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We have all witnessed it. Watching a favoured film or episode and then it cutting to the next scene or some unexpected words you were not expecting are added instead of the usual line. I first noticed this with episodes of Fawty Towers and Porridge, but have since come across it in films and other series. This despite the fatuous warning that now seems to proceed each programme in addition to the content rating. 


Came across this article, entitled "Why you should hold on to your DVDs" and I can see how these actions go hand in hand with cancel culture and the erasure of history.   


My one query is with the artists themselves being so willing to allow this cultural vandalism to go unopposed (although i'm sure John Cleese has spoken out against it) as I don't remember too many others taking a stance. Though being the arts i'm probably being naive as most will be fully on board with the Woke bandwagon as we have seen with Little Britain, Come Fly with Me and Life's too Short, to name a few.    




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3 hours ago, compo said:

they need a rerun of curry and chips and the wonderful character of Kevin O'Grady the Pakistani Irishman played by Spike milligan 

There is as much chance of that being aired than repeats of love thy neighbour lol


The changes they are making now are subtle and to a whole host of programming, witnessed at Christmas by the BBC not playing the original lyrics to Fairy tale in New York. 

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