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Cave: Scottish Fitba's Joint Response Group

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1 hour ago, compo said:

I believe if you take it on a points per game ratio were well ahead of their figures of last season so in my opinion we would be crowned champions 

To my chagrin, old bean, you are not SPL. Would that you were.


When it gets to thirty matches played, SPL will have to be ingenious to deny Rangers the title. Up to twenty nine they’ll claim insufficient matches played.

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Are Ian Maxwell and Dr John MacLean really 'Celtic-minded'? Hillhead High School in the 1970s wasn't known as a breeding ground for Yahoos it has to be said. If anything his preferences might lie in the Maryhill direction, but to be honest as a doctor I've still got faith that any personal preferences he might have are ignored when it comes to healthcare decisions. I'm fairly confident Maxwell doesn't have allegiances in the east of the city either, but he might simply be incompetent, it can be hard to tell those two apart sometimes. Doncaster and Petrie need watched at all times though. 


For what it's worth I'm less suspicious of this. I suspect this has been done to clear the clubs of the accusations and ensure all protocols are being followed in case someone does try to push that issue. I genuinely don't believe the SFA and SPFL want to call the season early or null and void and will do all they can to avoid that. With the reported 'R' number dropping in central Scotland and lockdown continuing for another month or so, if football can keep its house in order for a few more weeks I think we'll be okay. What Lennon and his board might try next is hard to guess but the reality is his rant didn't bring enough of their support 'onside', most saw through it and the best way for their board to get the backing of their support again is to replace their manager. His appeal to their baser instincts failed, even with some compliant media backing, in the end even the most one-eyed Celtic supporter expects his team to beat Livingston reserves and gets angry when they don't. 

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