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Chelsea's Frank Lampard has hailed Rangers fans as 'awesome' after Saturday's friendly at Ibrox.


Although an almost full-strength Chelsea side suffered their first pre-season loss in Glasgow, going down 2-0 to late goals from Nacho Novo and Filip Sebo, Lampard described the occasion as the best friendly he has been involved in after being blown away by the home crowd.


The England international said: "The Rangers fans were awesome, all the lads were talking about it.


"The reception I got when I went to take corners during the game, and after when we were going off, was really nice.


"They certainly love their own team, but it was very special to get that welcome. It was amazing really, and a very good game to play in for us, certainly the best friendly we've had.


Next up for Rangers is their Champions League second round qualifier against Montenegrin champions Zeta and Lampard believes Walter Smith's men can see off the minnows and negotiate their way through a third qualifying round to make the lucrative group stages of the competition.


"With that kind of backing from their crowd, they will be hard to beat. And I expect to see Rangers in the Champions League," Lampard said.


Says it all. Wasnt at the game. Watched it pished on holiday. All i have heard is how good the fans were!


Pat on the back to those who were there! WATP

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I thought the title of the thread was missing the rest of the sentance .....canteen staff :)


Well done to the bears who were there, its nice to hear good words spoken about us even though its from Fat Frank.


There is no doubt that the likes of Chelsea Man U etc would take the Old Firm into the Premiership in an instant.

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it was a fantastic atmosphere. and it was good to see so many of the chelsea first team in action from the off. they certainly played to win it was a very entertaining game to watch.


if we hit the spl or zeta for that matter with that kind of form well have nothing to fear.

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