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Changing Fortunes (Part 1: Gerrard’s Key Games 2018/19 and 2019/20)

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15 hours ago, Ted McMinnime said:

Really great article! The contrasts of our EL success compared to their CL implosions is stark. Our transfer business has been very astute, Grezda is the only one who paid a substantial fee for that didn't work out. 

Absolutely. The Gerrard factor is incredible. And the old timers coming back for the fight, of course.


Even though it didn't happen for players like Ejaria and Ojo, they still had moments or goals that helped the club. 

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When I read the title of the article I had a think as to what the key game in SG’s first season was, and for me it was definitely Ufa away , which was for me by far the most important game of the whole season, crucially for the financial windfall that none of us thought possible and would speed up our rebuilding,  and also for giving us European credibility in getting through 4 rounds of unseeded qualifiers. Remembering this was hot on the heels of Progres the year before, and the calamitous reigns of Pedro & caretaker Murty. 

Delighted to then read that Ufa was also the writers first choice, for the same reasons. There is no denying that all the games picked by Rick & 4th official were big, crucial stepping stones on our way back to the top. I look forward to reading further instalments and hopefully watching some more potential chapters to be added before this season ends.

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1 hour ago, Rick Roberts said:


Here's Adam's tactical article for the first two seasons. A brilliant level of insight and detail. Enjoy!



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