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Calcutta Cup

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See it coming?  No.

See us dominate?  No.

Fantastic game?  Oh, yes.

Best performance?  Not qualified to say. Last twickers victory more decisive but this was against an England team allegedly capable of competing with All Blacks and Springboks. Am I right to say only one of our Springboks was playing today?


I can forget 1965 and the Hancock theft, now.


All down to Nikla, of course. Thanks, mammy.



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36 minutes ago, Bill said:

Who saw that result coming? Who saw us dominating England start to finish? Fantastic game. Might be the best performance I’ve seen from Scotland. 

Never in doubt. Should have been more.



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15 minutes ago, the gunslinger said:

probably not a classic game but really enjoyed it

Same here but was dissapointed with the English penalty taker at their second penalty,before taking it he spoke to referee and as a result the referee looked at video replay and sin-binned Finn Russell.

Truly unsportsmanlike but obviously tried to get Russell sent off as tripping(deliberately)can often lead to this.

Makes me doubly pleased with result.

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I really enjoyable game, the 38-38 was a classic but this was still good fast pace on the eye.


I actually fancied us with England missing a few players and an empty stadium but didnt think it was be so comfortable. Englands 2 pens were down to errors and Russell also missed a pretty easy kick to make it 14.


Around 65 minutes you were just thinking that Farrell would step up with two lates pens to knick it be he had an off day also.


Duhan van der Merwe is an absolute tank. Whether he should be playing for Scotland having only qualified living for 3 years is another debate but Im glad he was in.


Must beat Wales, Ireland and Italy at Murrayfield and give Italy a big thumping. I dont a victory in Paris.

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One thing I dont agree with in Rugby and the Six Nations is the bonus point system. I know it makes teams go all out for more entertaining rugby but I just think it doesnt truly reflect the table for me, you already have point / goal difference at the end of the day which is worth a point as it is. Its something I wouldnt want in football and would only create a bigger gap between the top sides and the mid table downwards.


Its a pity Italy cant improve to make it a real Six nations, the previous Five nations was always more competitive but Italy are just the whipping boys year in year out unless one of the others have the odd bad game. I wonder if a relegation system could work with maybe Georgia / Romania coming in, they are as decent as Italy. You look at how much Argentina have improved since joining the Tri nations and compare it to Italy.

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Argentina’s rugby pedigree is better established than Italy’s. Must be all the Welshmen in Patagonia.


In the 1980s Romania were a likely candidate but fell away badly. To the inexpert eye Georgia look not bad but I’m not enough of a rugger chappie to say how close they really are.

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