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Nathan Patterson - stick or twist?

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44 minutes ago, Yorkie Bear said:

I find the comparisons being made with Gazza extraordinary. Gazza may have some stupid things but the Ibrox 5 broke the law in the middle of a pandemic, thus jeopordising their teammates and the Club. They effectively conspired among themselves to break the law and go against all the Club would have been telling players. It does not matter if you are 19 or 29, you should do as the Club tells you to do. There may well be a way back for them, but I cannot see any of them playing this season.

Gazza broke the law as well and actually did harm someone, unlike these 5, so I don't see what's so extraordinary about the comparison.

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I can appreciate the comments of BD and others who say rehabilitate, only a teenager, we all do something stupid sometimes, etc. In any other situation I would probably be on that side of the argument as well.


However, the seriousness of this situation cannot be minimised. A global pandemic, emergency laws brought in to control the spread, and for players they are told how important it is to keep to the rules, as all it takes is for one player to catch this by being at a party and not get caught, then the virus spreads through our whole squad. Or, we have half our squad having to isolate. 

This was pre-meditated. You dont end up at a party in a lockdown, and can put this down to a spur of the moment mistake. You choose to go to a party in full knowledge it is illegal, dangerous, and goes directly against what your bosses have told you that you can do. It is that level of stupidity and ignorance, coupled with sticking two fingers up at Gerrard, his coaches, teammates, and fans just so he can go to a party. I just cant get my head around that at all.


Any player who doesn't stop to think about that before they proceed to go to the party, and who doesn't have the right people around him to tell him how ridiculous even the thought of that is, is NEVER going to be Rangers class. 


If Tav is out for the rest of the season, and the lack of cover with Patterson sacked costs us games either in Europe or at home, that is down to him and our rage and ire should be solely in his direction.  For us to say, here's a fine and say you're sorry and you wont do it again, is just so out of step with the actions. It is nowhere near enough. 


I really dont get the comparisons with Gazza, but for what it is worth, I was one of the minority of fans who wanted Gazza sacked as soon as it was admitted he had beaten up his partner/wife. That type of person is not welcome at our club. His sale probably cost us "the 10" but I wasn't sorry to see him go as a person, despite his talents on the field which were simply sensational. I didn't want Flanagan anywhere near our club for the same reasons. Ricksen's constant off the field antics should have seen him shown the door also.


Being a Ranger is so much more than at any other club. The standards are higher, so much higher. We have class and dignity as the cornerstones of our existence. Has been that way since the start. No other club comes close to us. We must guard that with everything that we have. No excuses. No lowering of the standards. 





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Maybe I'm mellowing out as I get older as my initial reaction (as it was with Edmunson and Jones) was to sack the bloody lot of them. 


On reflection, I don't think anyone on here could look themselves in the mirror and say they've never made a mistake. I've made countless. 


What they done was stupid, it was thoughtless and selfish, but do they deserve to be sacked for it? Probably, but I'd given them the benefit of the doubt. Final written warnings all around and up to them how they react.

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8 hours ago, DMAA said:

It really didn’t sound like it in the press conference though. I thought Gerrard dodged addressing the Patterson issue and indicated Balogun would play for now. 

just my view. I really don't believe he will. 

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I have to laugh at anybody sobbing about a global pandemic.


The real crime was endangering the chances of success in the league and Europe.


Bassey and Patterson could still come back from this. Winning back the trust of the management will be very hard work if it is even possible.

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