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[FT] Rangers 0 - 2 Slavia Prague

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10 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Yes, but I think you take all that, if you can get a tactical advantage. Having someone that could run with the ball was better.


(I wonder if Simpson can do that? Although, he wouldn't have played anyway.)


I'm just putting forth a theory as to why Balogun was picked. Like I said, I think it was the right idea - although, it didn't work out ultimately.

Yeh that’s fair enough. There are risks with either choice, in my opinion there is always more risk in dropping Helander. 

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9 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

I think they were the better team--simply because they got the results. 


But, I agree, I don't think they were far ahead of us. The red card(s) snuffed out any chance we had.


They almost did what we do to teams in Europe - defend well, press aggressively and nick goals. 

Yes they deserved the win and were the better team over the two legs because they got the goals. I just don’t think they are a better team. It was a proper 50-50 tie,  the two teams largely cancelled each other out and it was decided by low probability goals. 

They reminded me a lot of us. They were very physical and very fit, they were shutting down the channels and tackling well and reducing us to long shots. We still had opportunities which we should have done better with though and on another night the result would have been different. 

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1 hour ago, PoohBear said:

I'm not saying he did it intentionally, but it was still a crazy thing for him to do.

You asked what was he thinking?


If you watch it you see he is thinking about getting the ball.


That is rational rather than, as you suggest, crazy.

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Roofe made a mistake going with his foot instead of his head - it was a misjudgement at full pelt and he had no idea of the 'keeper's position.


It was an accident, a red card, but still an accident.


Nothing crazy or stupid about it.


PS: I hope the goalkeeper is OK as that was a horror wound.

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Don't ask me why, but I checked the Aberdeen forum and the comments are predictably deplorable. "The race card", "he deserved it", "deflection tactic", "what a shame", "maybe monkey means something different to them", "good to see monkey chants alive and well in eastern europe". That's only a sample! Scumbags. Loads of comments that would earn you an immediate ban on here.

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