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[FT] Celtic 1 - 1 Rangers (Morelos 38)

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39 minutes ago, Whosthedado said:

Surprised at some of the comments on the last page and that's before reading the rest of the thread. I think it shows how far we have come that we were far from at our best and yet they still couldn't beat us . Brilliant for Alfie to get his goal too and we are still unbeaten

You have to remember that some fans aren't happy if they have nothing to moan about!

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9 minutes ago, ian1964 said:

You have to remember that some fans aren't happy if they have nothing to moan about!

I'm occasionally one of them :D Quite happy today though

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Certainly some achievement 47 games only two defeats(non in league), champions at earliest date in more than a century,yet today feel a little deflated.

If only we had moved up one gear that:champs: we would have beaten this lot irks a little.

However this was tempered by Alfie at last scoring against them.

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34 minutes ago, Thinker said:

100% with you on this to the extent that, back when we were drawn against Galatasary, I remember thinking that maybe it would be no bad thing if we missed out on the group stages if it allowed us to focus all our energies on the league. Very happy that the team exceeded my expectations and excelled in both!

Yeah, I was the same. Would have sacrificed league cup, Scottish cup and Europe of it meant league title.

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19 minutes ago, rbr said:

We need to remember , they had 2 weeks to prepare for this game , were fully fit and as close to full strength as possible , we had players missing and players drained after the midweek game and the resultant racism storm .

We were never in trouble in this game , we were never run off our feet , we were not out played , we were not out coached .

They were desperate to win this , make no mistake , their after match comments were pretty pathetic , given Eduardo 2 dives , only 1 yellow , how strange .


Next year they will have only half that team on the park , who knows what they will replace those with , time will tell , but I am one happy bear 🐻.

Long may they continue to believe that they are as good as we are and that we have been "lucky" this season. 


It's that attitude that's contributed in us overtaking them without them "noticing".


10 meant everything to them and at start of the season they believed it was assured. They have taken their eye off the ball and the longer this continues, the better it'll be for us.

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