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European Super League | All six PL teams withdraw from ESL

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6 hours ago, ChelseaBoy said:

From Football 365. 

UEFA reportedly offered the Premier League clubs who signed up for the Super League ‘significant’ money to withdraw from the breakaway competition.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea announced their intention to join the Super League on Sunday night, but have already withdrawn from the competition.


The outrage of the fans, pundits, players, managers, other clubs and stakeholders is thought to have been a major factor in their decision to back out and John W Henry claims the project would never have gone ahead without the support of the Liverpool fans.


But according to Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo (via Caughtoffside) there was another key factor in the U-turn from the Premier League six.

The report claims it wasn’t quite the righteous win for football we had hoped, with the six not reversing their decision due to ‘threats’ but because they were ‘offered a lot of money’. With the future of the Champions League and Europa League threatened, UEFA dug into their pockets for a solution.

Mundo Deportivo adds that the Spanish trio of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are seen as the ‘main enemy’ of UEFA and the money was not offered to those clubs.

Can’t see it being true. 

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1 hour ago, Bill said:

Can’t see it being true. 

Never can tell for certain with UEFA - not the most transparent of organisations. 


"Spanish media publication Mundo Deportivo, is reporting that the Premier League Big Six teams have not withdrawn because of the pressure from fans, pundits, players, and managers. It goes on to report that the teams left the European Super League because they were ‘offered’ a lot of money by UEFA and not due to ‘threats’ from the stakeholders of the game.


I wouldn't dismiss anything after the events of the last 72 hours :


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11 hours ago, Thinker said:


I wonder if this would have a positive impact on our qualification requirements. If it came to pass.

Wow if true.

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20 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Surely we get moved up three spots? 


Not sure how it works, though. 

Imagine the big 6 got demoted from the Premier League for a season? Who would win? Compo and Scott might actually get a score prediction right..but we wont tell them that :thup: 😀

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Ancelotti gone, who gets the Goodison gig? 

The likes of Dyche would be a step back for Everton but Ancelotti was probably too big a step forward for the level they were at. I’d be trying to get Bielsa.

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