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I know that this season was all about 55, and that was delivered. Looking at the table, it was delivered with some style too, which was indeed somewhat surprising, compared to how the two previous seasons ended (Covid-19 aside). Usually a combination of various factors, and I am not one of those who`s world solely rotates around Rangers FC, hence, IMHO, we e.g. also have to accept that the Scum failed to live up to their own standards and collapsed like we did these last two seasons.


I notice that people have said that we are "just 3 seasons into this", but again, IMHO, we could and should have done better before. The opposition aside from the Scum has not been any better or worse back then, and truth be told, I for one think that our success this season has NOT come from any change in tactics, but the fact that A) some of our resident players finally played up to their own abilities and (sic!) consistently so (e.g. Goldson, Tavernier), while B) those players we brought in delivered the goods where we failed before. We stopped relying on Morelos to pop up with something special, in fact, Alfredo has matured into a more cultured striker, setting up others and drawing defenders away from the goal to create space for others to exploit.

As I have pointed out before, I very much doubt that the tactic we`ve used is appropriate for most of the Scottish games, where 8 out of 11 teams sit deep, close the spaces, and rely on counter-attacks and corners, free-kicks and the like to grab a goal or two. Obviously, I have to accept that people say: look at the results this season, the goals we have conceeded, and scored. Phenomenal! Yes, but when you cast your mind back (and not only to this season), you note that we have had loads of possession (mostly amongst our defenders and midfielders), looked "comfortable" (termed "sluggish" in 18/19 and 19/20) in the build up and quite a few games we won by but one or two goals (35 league games, 18 by one or two goals / 6 draws). Unbeaten, yes. But more often than not also not exactly pleasing to the eye. Then again, against brick-wall teams and football-destroyers, what can you do?!


That is the Euro 1.000 question, is it not?


IMHO, that 4-2-3-1 we have played for ages now, or 4-3-3, as some may see it, has served us perfectly well in Europe and against teams in Scotland that at least attempt to play an open game of football. So much so, that our success in European games has probably left us all speechless.


But at one stage I simply expect that we recognize that it ain`t a system that works that well in the backyard of Scotland`s Premiership. Not least when those we expect to support the main (and usually well covered) striker with goals and assists simply fail to deliver in a way that a couple of wingers and a 2nd striker would probably do. Something we hardly ever even tried, to at least see how it works. And I for one couldn´t care whether that`s not modern day football, as Scotland is probably one of the worst countries in that respect. Well, apart from adapting Iberian antics and hysterics at falling to the ground and claiming a foul. Hence, I am quite disappointed that after getting Itten, Roofe, Defoe et al, plus having the option to rotate e.g. Jones and Stewart for a winger slot when things don`t go well or against teams that need to be opened up, we still stuck to the quick and short range passing through the tightest defenses time and time again, hoping that Barisic and Tavernier would supply the odd cross from the wing. Something that IMHO has cost us these last couple of seasons. On top of that the utter reluctance to change systems or even personal that ain`t clicking on the day, usually only changing like for like.


So, for many this may be lamenting on a high level, given where we are. We still have to see what sort of people we will be able to bring in, people who may be more capable of providing us joy with the system we play now. Much of our pre-season needs to be geared to those two CL play off games, as those two will be in many ways, the final jewel in the crown of 55, one that sets us on a safe financial footing again.

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we have lost 3 games. 2 with last minute goals involved. 1 on pens and one in the last 16 of europe. 


even our draws have largely been last gasp efforts more or less from the opposition. 


we have been massively successful 

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