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Team selection against Celtic

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11 hours ago, Bill said:

If the little I've seen of Simpson so far is anything to go by, I'd have no hesitation starting him against Celtic. He can pass, he can tackle, he has real pace and he has composure in spades. I can't see why there would be any hesitation if he's called on. Where I would hesitate is to continue with 4-3-3. If we're going to play advanced fullbacks then I think we need four in midfield. I just hope Scotty Arfield is fit again.

I mean--I was screaming at him against St Johnstone when he took the ball for a walk so close to our own goal late on, but showed tremendous ball control and composure to duke the defender then calmly pass it out. Terrific. 


I agree he looks like a good option.  

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I think Aribo's problem is if he isn't creating chances he looks like he isn't doing anything. Hagi's like that too. I actually think both work hard when they don't have the ball and their movement creates space for others, but a lot of that is unseen and not always appreciated. Aribo was great against Celtic a couple of weeks ago, then less effective against a very defensive St Johnstone, but the whole side struggled to break St Johnstone down. I think to many of us look to Aribo, Kent and Hagi to provide the spark and inventiveness that wins those types of games. 

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25 minutes ago, JohnMc said:

I think to many of us look to Aribo, Kent and Hagi to provide the spark and inventiveness that wins those types of games. 

Is that not why they’re in the team?

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I don't think there's any doubt Joe Aribo has been one of the big successes this season. If there's an occasional problem, perhaps it's that he's sometimes asked to play a role that's too deep to benefit from his creative abilities. If we have Ryan Jack or Scott Arfield (for example) available then I think there tends to be less frustration expressed about Joe Aribo. 

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

Last Sunday against St Johnstone proved we still struggle at times against teams who put eleven men behind the ball

The Celtic game will be different 

We've won 83% of our games this season so far. So we can't be struggling too badly. Football would be a poor affair if all you did was turn up, score 6 by half time and showboat through the second half. It's meant to be a contest. We can't complain about the poverty of the SPFL and then also complain about how we struggle to win.

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