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SPFL and SFA banned from Partick Thistle title celebration after demotion row

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Ian McCall last night confirmed that Partick Thistle have banned the SFA and SPFL from attending their League One trophy celebrations.

The manager remains infuriated at his side’s unfair relegation from the Championship last season on a points per game basis, with just 0.04 points separating them from Queen of the South.

The West End Jags will be officially crowned champions on Wednesday evening, but no officials from either governing body will be permitted inside the stadium to take part in the ceremony.

McCall admitted it may be a somewhat strange atmosphere inside the stadium as they lift the silverware, but he and his players will celebrate as normal.

“It'll be eerie getting the trophy on Wednesday and all the players get their medals,” he told BBC Sportsound. “Luckily for us the club and me were in complete agreement because nobody from the SFA and the SPFL will be allowed in the stadium, which is great.

"That's happening, they're not allowed in the stadium. Simple as that. They won't be allowed in.


"I'm not going to go into all that tonight, but the reason I said to Chick (Young) about love and peace was Chick was doing what he should be doing, trying to prod me and get things.

“But is it really going to make a difference? Is the governance going to change when it's been incompetent for decades now? Is it going to change? I don't know, we just need to try and look after ourselves and try and win another title next season.”

McCall went on to explain how he and club chief Gerry Britton could not believe the disconnect when he was sent a congratulatory text from Neil Doncaster.

“Do you know what really worries me? Myself and my chief executive Gerry Britton got texts from Neil Doncaster saying, 'congratulations, worthy champions'.

"That level of, just not knowing what's going on, not understanding, closing your eyes to a situation, is bewildering.

"Did I reply? Absolutely not. He can think better than to send a text to the bloody manager of Partick Thistle.”



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9 minutes ago, compo said:

Let's ban them from Ibrox as well 

Can you imagine the stooshie that would cause? Amongst others, Partick were undoubtedly victims of panic at the SPFL but, let's face it, no club has suffered more than Rangers at the hands of these absolute bastards or has more justification in barring the doors to them. I'm sure every Rangers fan that read about Partick's decision immediately thought the same as you Compo.

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12 hours ago, compo said:

Let's ban them from Ibrox as well 

Agreed 100% 


On a side note, great to see Falkirk missing out on a playoff place tonight - karma 

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