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The Summer 2021 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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1 hour ago, Rousseau said:

I think the reactions are getting out of hand when it comes to Gilmour. 


He's played 1 game for Scotland, and a handful for Chelsea, and he seems to be being portrayed as world-class!? Someday, maybe; but not yet.  


He's a classy wee player that would certainly be able to contribute to our side, but he's not even going to improve the team massively, never mind somehow take us up a level. He's a younger version of Davis. (I'm not so sure he'd get in ahead of Davis, going by Davis' performances last season. Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it.)


I think the Tartan Army's reactions to their results sum it up: get beat by the Czechs and Scotland are pish, barely qualifying through the back door; draw with England and Scotland are going to win the Euros! Black and white. 


Calm down. 

Fair points but it doesn’t matter whether he’s good or not, only that he’s at least as good as we have at present. You’re right that he’d struggle to improve on Davis last season but unfortunately I think Davis will also struggle to match Davis of last season. With Jack hopefully on the way back and assuming we hold on to Kamara (which I doubt), I think we absolutely must have cover for Davis that at the very least doesn’t weaken our midfield. One player probably won’t fix our needs but Gilmour could certainly be one of them. 

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i normally ignore these links but i work with at guy in Portugal and first thing he said to me last Wednesday was i see Morelos is going to Portugal. Interestingly the English guy on the call said better watch out for the red cards. 


Shows that reputation follows him. 


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This transfer season will not kick off until after the euros , once players start returning to their home clubs , and the EPL clubs start throwing money around .

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48 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Tavernier to Man Utd rumours... ? 


I know he's invaluable, but I'd jump at that--if it's a decent price. 


Seems a bit far-fetched, though. 

It’s an ideal time for it, with his replacement waiting in the wings 

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