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The Summer 2021 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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5 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

McBurnie is well known to be a Rangers fan. Like L. Ferguson that seems to be the only source for these speculations. Doesn't mean they would suit us. I'd rather see youngsters promoted to the first team squad.


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Well, Der Kicker usually does not spread rumours unless they have some facts. The original article states that we have made contact with Köln / Cologne about the player and what sort of character he is. We seemingly want to wait and see how our midfield developes over the coming days / weeks before adding him straight away, but he is on our list of targets. The player wants to prove himself at a higher level ... and would have been with the U21 European Championship, had it not been for the Bundesliga playoffs. He will be with the German side against the Dutch in the semi-finals, so you might get a glimpse on him there.

Salih Özcan (wee advice: any letter with the double dots on top of them (ä, ö, ü) can also be typed with an e behind the initial vowel, if you keyboard lacks the letter: ae, oe, ue ... though in names this is not commonly done)

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6 hours ago, Gribz said:

Im hoping the McBurnie rumours is nonsense. Oh my gosh he is awful.

He's bloody dire. The opposite of everything Gerrard has created at Rangers.

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Just been doing my early trawl of the sports pages and see in one that Kamara is stalling about a new contract so if that's the case put a price on  the man and sell him 

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