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16 minutes ago, ian1964 said:

Frank McGarvey

There was a tremendous Sellik interest story in the Daily Record some 25 years past. The then Daily Record Chief Reporter, Anna Smith told of Frank McGarvey's descent into gambling hell. He had gone into his local Bookie for the last time and emerged some hours later wearing his shirt, just. Now, Anna was a BIG Sellik fan and wanted to elicit sympathy for the plight of Frank. Today, Anna has retired to coastal Donegal to pen tomes that no one reads. She is reduced to sharing emotions with Phil McFournames.


Anyways, when Frank arrived home, his wife gave him severe grief. The neighbours were entertained by a spectacular domestic. As Frank's wife asked the question, "where's the money to feed the family this week"? An exasperated McGarvey threw himself from the family home window. Oh the drama, an ambulance, a visit to A and E and, a gathering of the necessary Consultants gathered. Anna had delivered another green'n'grey soap opera.


Of course, Anna failed to mention Frank lived in a Bungalow in King's Park.

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Someone been searching his historic tweets as seems his Twitter account has been closed?


Also, the director of legal and football affairs has taken over, nothing in that either? 

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