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3 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

I ended up watching Sportscene last night (wanted to get a better look at Kent and Bacuna's goals) and witnessed another display of amateur dramatics from their Japanese hero.  Deary me.


What was more bizarre was the way their players and fans celebrated a win over the side currently bottom of the league.  


And is 'Ange' incapable of looking someone in the eyes - he looks a right shifty sort!?

Fits in with all the other shifty characters then!

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From today's Nonce FC AGM:

"Your strategy has been to keep going a rivalry with a zombie club no one cares about."

The questioner then asks the entire board to "do the decent thing and resign".


idiot hitting GIF

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Rasellik Annual 'Gers Meeting!! To be fair, a Show Like No Other.


Imagine a Marx Bros comedy scripted by Wild Man Fischer, and adapted for the stage by Peter Weiss. 








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