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European Championship 2020 (2021)

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55 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

I thought the Wales manager's comments were hilarious. He said for the first 15 minutes Wales were better, and that Denmark had to change tactics to deal with them. Is that not the point of a manager? 

Aye, I chuckled at that too but I'm sure he said the first 25 minutes.

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On 24/06/2021 at 14:19, Bill said:

Apart from Italy I think the "big" teams have all disappointed to an extent .... but that's often the case in the group stages. I hope one of the lesser lights goes far and it wouldn't entirely surprise me if it was Sweden or Denmark.

Very much like the last World Cup IMO. France won it but I wouldn't class them as an amazing team. Amazing individual players with a very conservative coach. 

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As someone who is usually non-plussed by international football, this has been a very enjoyable tournament thus far. Long may it continue. 

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England's turn this tea time to take on the jerries the bookies are giving you 6/4 England, 7/4 Germany and 11/5 for a draw, the later match is more interesting with Sweden at 11/8 and the Ukrainian's at a handsome 2/1 with the same 2/1 for the draw. 

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11 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

Nice to see the underdogs having their day. Hate the way commentators want the big nations to triumph.

Unfortunately today's game for Engerland is on BBC so the gushing and p****ng themselves will be something else.

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