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European Championship 2020 (2021)

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18 minutes ago, compo said:

Would have been superb in the old terraces with Kate or Cliff standing beside someone with their Rothesay dock in an open beer can ???

Kate who? I just dont do celeb nonsense and havent done for at least 8 or 9 years. The best thing I ever did was turn off my TV. (football excluded).


But you make an extremely good point - the first OF games I started to watch were just 60-70 thousand fans and its still late 80s. There  was zero posers or "celebs" (horrendous word). I am not going to go deep in here at all and I'll stick to football but what I will say is the change in the fan attendances is all designed. 

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19 minutes ago, Gribz said:

what I will say is the change in the fan attendances is all designed. 

Bill's the puppet master.  He wants Ibrox to be more like Murrayfield than the Maracana.


If Kate Moss want to stand next to me at the football that's fine, as long as she doesn't join in with the songs (women can't sing football songs) or bring her pal, Bobby Gillespie, with her.

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Posted (edited)

Anyway - back on to the football. For team of the tournament - I went for this:




Walker Bonucci Chiellini Spinazzola




Chiesa De Bruyne Immobile Sterling




Id go as far as saying De Bruyne is currently the best player in the world at the moment - he wasnt even fully fit but changed Belgium when he played. He wont get into the Messi and Ronaldo camp overall but he is a sublime player.



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47 minutes ago, ian1964 said:


And, lo, it came to pass, in the first year of Sturgeon's kailyard Republic, that humour, and wit, and all forms of comedy, were removed from the public domain. 

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My team of the tournament (with subs 'cause I can't not mention them) :




Christiansen - Bonucci - Chiellini 


Maehle - Jorginho - Hojbjerg - Spinazzola


Sterling - Pedri





Subs: Schmeichel, Trippier, Shaw, Phillips, Kjaer, Damsgaard, Schick, Pogba, Forsberg, Dolberg, Zubar, Modric... [I need to stop]

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Everything about nationalism is a national embarrassment. Apparently we walk among people who think this is in our best interests. 

I always return to the fact that, by definition, half of our fellow citizens have below-average intelligence. Clearly, they’re all nationalists. 

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