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Do you have a second team and why?

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I think its pretty well known I have West Ham - reason be when I was about 9 our family moved to London ish (Hertfordshire)...I was wearing the old Gers away top that had a red white stripe and a Chelsea fan winked me. I said to me dad can we go there..he said no we are going to Upton Park..I was like where? But Tommy McQueen and Frank McAvennie had just signed so I got familiar ....I always liked the Arsenal though..but my dad said no.


3 years later I was skipping school in Aberdeen to go down to watch the Rangers. ?

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Ally McCoist 300 goal for Rangers was on a Friday..I think against Aberdeen. The game was on a friday because the Cup final was being played (McStay missed pen).My head teacher was a big Celtic fan..he stopped me leaving the class and said where are you going (im covered in Gers flags and scarfs)..he said the game isnt until Sunday.. haha Raith won. I hang my scarf outside his office on the Monday and got a detention.

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I’m interested in quite a few English teams but interest is not enough. A team is only yours if victory brings wild exultation of joy, a draw brings sullen discontent and defeat casts you down to the depths of despair and seething rage.


On that measure I have only two teams, in alphabetical order, Elgin City and Rangers.

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I used to think of Manchester City as my English/second side.  My dad took me to see Carlisle Utd vs City in the early 80s and their red and black away strip reminded me of Rodger the Dodger (Beano).  I've went off them in the past decade though and couldn't care less how they get on currently.


There are a few teams around Europe I have soft spots for: Inter Milan - Football Italia and Jürgen Klinsmann, HSV - Jorg Albertz, Espanyol - they share a city with horrible separatists and Partizan Belgrade due to my interest in the Balkans (read up on the history of some of the bigger Yugoslav clubs and they stood out).  


I've been to see HSV and Partizan (and City a few times) - hoping to get to other matches around the continent in the next few years.  

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Take an interest in the following ;


West Brom as my Uncle played for them for many a year.


Chelsea - starting taking an interest in them after we played them in the Bradford Disaster Appeal games.


Bo'ness United - my local junior team who are now senior

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