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The training gear looks like its been released. jeezo , how much is that stuff. £38 for a pair of shorts!!

its been a few years since i actually bought stuff (due to kids, dogs and sports direct) but damn thats expensive!


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Every sodding year we go through this ridiculous ritual about a new strip, with the same tired old preferences, likes and dislikes paraded for weeks until everyone eventually gets bored being a fashion critic. As if it can't be a proper Rangers strip unless it's been picked apart, every stitch criticised and compared to old strips through the generations. So much froth, what's the point? It's not as if Rangers is going to change it. It's the new Rangers strip, done deal, it is what it is, live with it. 


For my part, if it's the new Rangers strip then it's the new Rangers strip and I'll buy one for my grandson regardless of what it looks like - just because it's the Rangers strip. 

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If it bothers Bill to this extent, I'm going to go tonto about every shirt, pair of shorts and socks the club releases.


Gold though... seriously!?  It'll go well with a hang glider, I suppose (Anyone and Everyone).

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