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Another day, another two Cal-Mac vessels are removed from service.


It's Thursday, 29th July and the MV Hebridean Isles, a 36 year old vessel needs a new fuel pump. Predicted to return to service early next week.


The MV Catriona has steerage problems, undiagnosed as yet and no predicted date for return to service.


The Transport Minister, Michael Matheson remains unavailable for comment.

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Makes you wonder what a future Republic of Scotland Navy will look like. Half a dozen trawlers probably.


Air defence will be outsourced to Loganair flying off Barra beach in support of Russian MiGs using Lossiemouth.

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1 hour ago, compo said:

 A sad state of affairs when you consider we once built fine ships like HMS Hood , Renown and Repulse on the river Clyde .

We also didn’t have Sturgeon and her rag-tag collection of halfwits back then

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Today, the MV Chieftain has been withdrawn from service. The reason is starter motor failure. The vessel is expected to be out of service for at least the weekend. It plies the route between Gouroch and Kilcreggan, mostly used by workers at the RN Bases at Coulport and Faslane.


Cal-Mac have no spare ferries, thus a replacement takes the form of a bus. A 15 minute ferry ride is now an hour plus on a bus covering the 50-odd mile road trip.

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A freight ferry that broke down a week after it was chartered by Cal-Mac has been repaired.

The MV Arrow was brought in last month to provide additional overnight sailings on the Stornoway to Ullapool route for six weeks.

The move was to free up space on the crossing's MV Loch Seaforth ferry, particularly during the busiest weeks of the summer tourist season.

Cal-Mac said the Seatruck-operated Arrow had returned to service.


BBC Scotland have reported the above, it's their first intervention in this long running story. It's positive for Cal-Mac. BBC Scotland do not tell us, nor mention the other vessels withdrawn from service.


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The cost of the replacement freight ferry, MV Arrow has been revealed today. Hired from the Government of the Isle of Man, the cost is £11, 760 per day. Obviously, since it was withdrawn from service for ten days after only plying it's Cal-Mac trade for a few days, the Scottish Government is claiming a £117,600 saving. Seven weeks left on it's contract with Cal-Mac, that's an eye-watering £588,000.


Apparently, a Market Trader at the Barras, Shuggie McSwagger has been hired as a Consultant to resolve this on going mess. He has first dibs on two vessels currently operating upon the boiling briney known as Hogganfield Loch. The MV Colindar and the MV Sieve are the very dab, honest.

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