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SNP - the madness continues

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One of the most inspiring yet depressing realisations has been the extent and disparity of human knowledge. The vast majority of people have absolutely no appreciation of how far the frontiers of knowledge have been pushed. That's the privilege of only the very curious and the very studious. It's also the case that cutting edge knowledge now involves such a high degree of specialisation that even the best informed of us can only see through a small window. My own world of geology has in recent years been split into a broad range of discrete subjects - geochemistry, geophysics, geobiology, geohydrology, geoclimatology, etc, etc. More recently, geosciences have increasingly moved beyond the Earth, first to study our neighbouring planets and now to the study of exoplanets far beyond our solar system. It's almost stupefying that as a species we are now conducting serious scientific study of planets we have little hope of ever seeing and will certainly never set foot on but we are already able to make credible observations and deductions about the structure of exoplanets, their internal dynamics, their climates, their atmospheric composition and their potential for life. I feel privileged to be able to read some of the research papers in academic journals, even if much of it is a bit above my pay grade, as it were. I find this quite staggering and the same incredible advancement of knowledge exists in all spheres of human investigation.


I also find it staggering that while all this rarefied research is going on, much of our species is slogging up a parallel path where children are abused by priests, fanatics behead their enemies, ignorance is worshipped over truth and where utterly worthless politicians like Nicola Sturgeon are willingly endorsed to treat us like the fools that many clearly are. It seems humanity is evolving at very different rates and we may already be on the cusp of speciating again.

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