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Premier League 2021/22

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16 minutes ago, compo said:

I see Lukaku scored on his return to the pensioners a win for Spurs but United could only draw what's the point of spending lots of money on Sancho and not putting him in the starting eleven  .

Lukaku was all over the Arsenal defence and was unlucky not to get another goal.

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Just sitting listening to Elvis singing Kentucky rain , a delightful song .

City 2 Arsenal 0

Villa 2 Brentford 1

BHA 1 Toffees 2

Newcastle 1 Southampton 1

Norwich 2 Leicester 1

WHU 2 Palace 0

Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2


Burnley 0 Leeds 2

Spurs 2 Watford 0

Wolves 2 United 1

Back to Elvis ?

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2 hours ago, compo said:

Kentucky rain

Sounds like the name of US women’s team.


Instead of a forecast of showers, here is a shower of forecasts:

City 4-0 Arsenal 

Villa 2-1 Brentford

BHA 2-1 Toffees

Mags 2-1 So’ton 

Norwich 1-3 Leicester

‘ammers 2-0 Palace

Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea


Clarets 0-1 Leeds

‘Spurs 2-0 Watford

Wolves 0-2 United


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24 minutes ago, MacK1950 said:

Will make a fortune in shirt sales alone.

I doubt it I dont know what percentage of kit sales a club gets but the makers and no doubt others will take the biggest wedge 

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"Juventus seduced Ronaldo with a contract worth well over $100 million [$30M per year], and the deal already seems to be paying off. According to The Guardian, the team sold 520,000 shirts bearing Ronaldo’s name within just 24 hours of the merchandise being released.


To put that into perspective, beIN Sports reports that the team sold just 850,000 shirt during the entirety of the 2016/2017 season. Business Insider estimates that these Ronaldo-related purchases translate at least $60 million in sales..."

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