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[FT] Dundee Utd 1 - 0 Rangers

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There were quite a few on here who were surprised by the line up before the game.  I commented myself that there was little on the bench to turn the game should we run into trouble.   Had our manager managed his subs better we might have salvaged something from the game.   The way he threw players on in the end was embarrasing.

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12 hours ago, craig said:

Yes, I saw the line up and thought it was enough for Dundee Utd.  You are making Dundee Utd sound like world beaters ??. That line up WAS good enough for Dundee Utd…. Just as it was last season.


stats don’t lie.  We averaged 2.42 goals per game in the league last season… AVERAGED….. and yet you’re saying we “didn’t blow teams apart”.  Given we conceded 0.34 per game abd had a positive goal difference of over 2 per game on AVERAGE… yes, I’d say we blew teams away last season.


im not providing smug comments, that’s your realm, I’m merely stating stats as facts, which they are.

As often, you put your words into a different order without putting any answer or more meaning to it. We toiled in those 11 1-0 wins, had another 6 draws and in those games that we beat teams by 2 goals (another 6, which makes it 23 of 38) we usually scored when they opened up. When we are on song and put a few goals past teams early doors, we were able to hand out a hammering, well 3 or 4 goals every now and then even.


Did I make out DU as world-beaters? Nope, I`m rather surprised how you come to that conclusion. I saw them on the same level as Livingston and Co. a solid team that packs defense and midfield and counter and press whenever possible. A style that we have not been comfortable with for ages. Maybe you are one of those people who can put these dozens of dire games out of memory, "since we won". And while I usually ban them from memory for the wasted hours of watching them, I don`t forget it. I`ve spoken out against that "4-3-3" against any Scottish team anywhere we play them time and again, even we two had enough "debates" on them. Yet we persist, toil on more often than not, and every now and then get an unkind reminder what happens when our defenders fail or those threesome up front fail to come up with the goods, usually because 2 of them are more often than not no strikers.


No knee-jerking et al, just the observation. And one uttered dozen times before.

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One last small point , at no time in the game did Dun Utd cut us open or put our goalie under long spells of pressure , they scored from a deflected pass that fell luckily into their players path , and he finished well .


I keep reading about how our players never tracked runners etc , the guy was never the intended target , the goal was in many ways a fluke and we got beaten , very similar to Malmo , the second was a comedy of errors , we cut those out we will be fine , we don’t it will be a long season , but that’s the same for every team .

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6 minutes ago, MacK1950 said:

Intended target or not he should still have been tracked IMO.

Of course he should have been tracked. We needn’t go overboard with criticism but Lundstram takes a chunk of the blame for the goal.  

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49 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

There were plenty of defensive lapses last season but usually the opposition weren't good enough to take advantage.  


Things need tightened up.  

And Rangers enjoyed a share of luck which they hadn’t had for a number of seasons.

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