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[FT] Dundee Utd 1 - 0 Rangers

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20 hours ago, DMAA said:

Of course he should have been tracked. We needn’t go overboard with criticism but Lundstram takes a chunk of the blame for the goal.  

Was Tavernier’s job.  That said, it’s an over-reaction to put much blame on Tav too.  The pass was made inside and Tav (in the split second he had) started moving narrower rather than just deeper.  Wouldn’t have mattered anyway because Robson already had the advantage of moving forward at pace.


Sometimes you need to accept that there isn’t an awful lot that could have been done at a goal.

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5 minutes ago, craig said:

Sometimes you need to accept that there isn’t an awful lot that could have been done at a goal.

I agree and that's why I never feel comfortable when we sit on a 1-0 lead against lesser opposition (that's just a general moan). 


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On 08/08/2021 at 12:02, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Hate to be the harbinger of doom but the last few games have followed many of our games in the second half of last season. There were many games at the start of 2021 were we genuinely struggled to create chances. It is worrying. Oh and I agree with regards the make up of our midfield. If Lumstrom and Davies are playing together, Kamara has to move forward and be more constructive. It's clear now why we were looking at the Dutch boy.

Do you think that maybe now other teams have figured out our 4-3-3 and noted that we are reluctant to change it (we don't play 3 at the back for instance)?

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23 hours ago, der Berliner said:

BTW, Jamie Robson looked quite good, both defensively, putting pressure on Tav and roving forward.

He was once on our books -  a litte reminder of how we should persevere with some of our youths. Maybe Ciaran Dickson may turn out to be a star, who knows? 

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