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Rangers Confirm Positive Covid Tests

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38 minutes ago, RANGERRAB said:

I’ve been thinking the same too. Trying to guess the starting XI:-


Mccrorie GK with Paterson,Goldson, Helander & Barasic 

A MF of Davis, Kamala & Arfield 

upfront Morelos with Aribo and Hagi in the wider areas 


Not seen enough of McCrorie but the rest of the side doesn’t have natural wide players. Could make us stronger maybe. And harder to play against 

Only issue I have is lack of natural / genuine pace. That's why I'm hoping against hope the Wright and/or Kent have a knock rather than self-isolating.


I'd play Alfie, Aribo (or Hagi) and Roofe up front on Sunday as I think they'll terrorise their defence. May even be worth throwing Fashion into the mix of he is fit? 


However, huge game on Thursday to navigate our way through before thinking about Sunday ?

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4 hours ago, JohnMc said:

You're right, I just made that up, it's a fair cop. This guy probably made this up too, https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2021/aug/23/anti-vaxx-athletes-stance-show-myths-cut-across-boundaries-privilege-covid


Steve Bruce is a s[***] manager, so this is probably a load of rubbish too, https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/20/steve-bruce-admits-a-lot-of-newcastle-players-have-not-been-vaccinated-covid



Wait, are you really making an appeal to authority by linking to a collection of anecdotes in the guardian?!



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I suspect the lack of pace available for tomorrow evening, is a concern.


I don't know what reserve/youth player still at the club(not out on loan) has genuine pace but, I would definitely have him on the bench. If after an hour, the game is 0-0; a pacy youngster would keep them honest. The only Armenian player in the back line with a semblance of pace was the right back. A ball over the top or up the sides could be the deciding factor, if we have the legs. 

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