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Rangers Confirm Positive Covid Tests

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2 hours ago, craig said:

I'm not sure which part of what gunslinger said you are missing..... plenty, including you, have been calling for Tavernier to be dropped along with Kent.  Their positions are irrelevant, the point GS was making is that people such as yourself will now get your wish of seeing these two players dropped.  And time will tell just how good their replacements are.


For some reason, I am more concerned by the loss of Wright, which tells you how far the lad has come in such a short space of time.

Maybe the names were odd, as he put Kent and Patterson in his line, not Tav and Kent or indeed Wright and Patterson? Easy enough to see.


Anyway, as you put it, missing both Wright and Kent means that Sakala would have to step up, or indeed Morelos and Itten are up front with probably Hagi. We shall see.


Roofe's still banned, but available at the weekend. And as for the positive guys, we'll have to wait and see.

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1 hour ago, craig said:

Yep, exactly.  They (Celtic) will be seen to be favorites now given our players missing, but in all honesty it really just shows our strength in depth when we are looking at :


McGregor & McLaughlin out - McCrorie in (played in Premiership for Livingston last season)

Tavernier out - Patterson in (some wanted Patterson brought in anyway)

Bassey (a month ago and literally NONE of us would have had him starting anyway)

Kent (some have wanted him dropped anyway and, to be fair, he hasn't sparkled so far this season.... but always seems to turn it on against them)

Wright -  Think he is a big miss, particularly with Kent also out.  However, we can still call upon Roofe and Sakala and also Defoe if needed


This really does show the remarkable job Ross Wilson, Gerrard and the backroom team have done in terms of our squad depth.  We could be without 5 starters and yet still will filed a very strong team.


But you are right, the pressure has now actually shifted from us to them. 

we do have to not let this nonsense beat us before a ball is kicked like them last year though

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1 hour ago, the gunslinger said:

There is a press conference in a couple of hrs. 


Michael Beale has traveled though despite reports. 

Not often that I'm an optimist but I have a feeling that not all the players (out with those who we knew were unavailable for obvious reason - not in Europa League squad, suspended etc) have tested positive and may have a chance if playing on Sunday. 


No insider info, just a feeling so I could be deluding myself! 

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54 minutes ago, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Am I the only one thinking that this works in our favour for Sunday? As long as we still have good options all over the park, I reckon this will eradicate any complacency and make the players more determined.  They will go in as favourites and that will suit me tbh.

I’ve been thinking the same too. Trying to guess the starting XI:-


Mccrorie GK with Paterson,Goldson, Helander & Barasic 

A MF of Davis, Kamala & Arfield 

upfront Morelos with Aribo and Hagi in the wider areas 


Not seen enough of McCrorie but the rest of the side doesn’t have natural wide players. Could make us stronger maybe. And harder to play against 

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