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[FT] Alashkert 0 - 0 Rangers

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5 minutes ago, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Davis scored in Sweden. The other strikers mentioned to make my point have little or no game time.

Morelos is on 3 in 4 games? probably 3 in 5. 


anyway i would rather have Roofe personally. 

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5 hours ago, JohnMc said:

The reality is we play in a poor league, that's getting poorer every season. We've probably over-achieved in Europe recently. I think the Europa League is one we can expect to compete in. The Champion's League, despite its riches and glamour, is a step beyond us currently. 

However, last year's form would probably have seen us qualify for the Champions League this season.

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22 hours ago, der Berliner said:

With Roofe, Sakala, Itten and Wright we have quite a bit of firepower. Kent is off the boil somewhat, and Morelos, for all his all-round better play, needs to hone his killer instincts. Roofe is far more clinical IMHO, but we would do well playing e.g. Roofe, Morelos and Wright up front.

You are far too kind to him.


Based on recent evidence he doesn't have any killer instinct to hone.


A ruthless striker gets the ball in that situation and knows exactly what he wants to do.  Morelos stumbled along as if he had no idea what he was doing.  He never used to be like that.

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20 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

He never used to be like that.

Morelos has had previous dips in form, where he was very much like that.  Every season he's been here there have been fans saying he's useless at certain times.


It's similar to the Kent situation - on their day, both of them look world class but when off form, they're a waste of a jersey.


If they were playing well consistently, we'd have had huge offers and they'd be gone.

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12 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

Bill's covert attempt to set Alfie up for a brace on Sunday duly noted.

Clearly I’ll take all the credit whether he does ….. or doesn’t. 

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