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[FT] Rangers 1 (Helander 66') - 0 Celtic

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Based on our recent form I would expect us to lose and concede a few goals.  I think that both defences are poor at the moment but I don't have any confidence in our attack to take advantage.


If we are to win this then we will need to win it in the midfield.


Too pessimistic?

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35 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

Too pessimistic?

Not based on form so far. The Tranmere result didn’t bode well. Rangers have only played up to last season’s standards for thirty five minutes in the first half of the second leg tie against Malmö.

Who knows? The might turn it on for a bit longer on Sunday. It should be more than enough if they do.

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You're not the only one.


I dread these games.  I don't enjoy them unless we're at least 3 up and even when we win, I find I'm just waiting for my heart rate to return to normal, rather than enjoying myself.  


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Ever since I follow, watch and listen to Old Firm games, the formbook oftentimes wnet out of the window. The one exception was the season after our return to the top tier, when you simply knew what was coming our way. As with last season, I have not looked at their squad and will probably not recognize half of their current players, and why should I.


When we turn up, we can cause trouble to anyone. That's what I hope for.

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