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They have had a poor start to the season and the early signs are that this time next year they will still be trapped in 2 Bundesliga. What has happened to them? They are a big city team with a history of success and a large support but seem to have turned into the pre-2020 German version of Leeds. I'd love to see them back again but things don't look hopeful.

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It's really disappointing what has happened to that club.  


I think there are several contributory factors but they never seem to bring in the right manager and the playing staff have been consistently spineless (doubt if many teams have lost handsome leads as often as they have these past few years).  


They are a bit of a lost cause at the moment.

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Whip the ball into a crowded box or try to beat a defender and draw another one out, disorganise the crowd and then whip it in? 

There’s no right answer, is there? Except variation.

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On 24/05/2022 at 07:32, Rousseau said:

FFS, Hamburg...


I watched the last minutes tick by. With around 6-7 bodies in the box, their wingers, rather than whipping it in, kept trying and failing to beat their man. 

They may have been watching Chelsea. Sounds like the TT playbook.

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