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Giving the ball back

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1 hour ago, Devil's advocaat said:



We should stick to common decency, doesn't really matter how low our opponents will stoop.

Even if you're 90% sure he's faking it? 


What happens if, when you give the ball back and another player goes down and the ball goes out again? Do we carry on falling into Celtic's trap and allow the game to drift away because we're too being too "decent"?

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Absolutely not, no matter the score or the time remaining. Give that shower of scum nothing!!!


Any other opponent I would say yes in any circumstances other than those exact ones you mention, where you have to put decency aside and try to get something out the game. As always in these situations, if the ref thought it was a bad injury, he has the power to stop the game so if he doesn't we are not duty bound to return the ball.

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There was a match against Partick Thistle at Firhill many moons ago where something similar happened. We gave them the ball back but Ian Ferguson then chased them down forcing them into playing it quickly instead of allowing them to retain possession. He was booed by the Thistle support and criticised by some in the media, but everyone at the game knew Thistle were time wasting and indulging in gamesmanship. 

I'm with Tannochside on this, no giving the ball back in those circumstances. 

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