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1 minute ago, ranger_syntax said:


Although perhaps I may be too pessimistic!

Burness Paull is an exemplary law firm and in that respect bears no resemblance to the majority of its kind. 

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2 hours ago, PoohBear said:

I just don’t fall for two things:


1) that all Celtic fans are enemies. I don’t hold any hatred just because someone supports Celtic. 

2) I don’t defend racist or sectarian behaviour, and I try to refrain from it myself. That said, anyone can make a mistake, I’ve done it myself. The problem is that some people are unwilling to learn and would rather defend their right to offend.


I think the Daily Record have made a ridiculous miscalculation here and it’s going to cause a lot of people a lot of grief.  I think there is a lot of biased focus on our club and support from the media. However, at the end of the day we shoot ourselves in the foot time and again by failing to clean up our act. 

Do you know any Celtic fans who don't call us Huns? 


Out of interest, why do you keep telling us that you're against racism and sectarianism? Do you think that you're unusual in that respect that you need to highlight it so often?

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It's ironic that this story is predicated upon social media, specifically social media history. Whataboutery throws up lots of anomalies, many are condemned forever more because of stating a view ie Chris Graham -what's happened to him? As the sword of Damocles continues to hover over the guy that held Rangers Directorship for a day, others can progress seamlessly despite numerous vile offerings ie Malky MacKay. Who decides? Who is the Keeper of the Records? Today, former Sellik View Editor, Kevin McKenna enters the fray.


A number of Gersnetters will know this stuff, others can enjoy the revelations. All the information is available on social media and it highlights seamless progress. Thirty years past, the Sellik View Editor was invited to attend a German broadcast media sponsored event at the then Glasgow restaurant, 'Vesuvio'. A dozen other football related Editors/Journos were invited too. Kevin arrived in a tired and emotional state and embarrassed himself and his club. He was taped expressing preferred prejudices including the IRA bombing of Enniskillen Remembrance Day was, "a legitimate act of war" and, "Protestant breed like rabbits".


Kevin was on the front page of the Sun a couple of days later. He was allowed to resign from his designation and his seamless progress began. Kevin has been Sports Editor at Scotland on Sunday, where he gave Spiers his first national job. Kevin became Deputy Editor at the Herald, brought Spiers to the blat, Kevin was a Columnist at the Observer, Kevin became Assistant Executive Editor at the Daily Mail, ............... today Kevin is a columnist at the National, the Herald and, the Evening Times. I do not know if Kevin reflects on the eleven civilians murdered or the 63 injured on the 8th November'88 or, has given further thought on the copulation of Lagomorpha?


These days, Kevin or as Stuart Cosgrove says, "Big Kev" is very much the Patriarch of the Green Brigade mindset. He is Godfather to Angela Haggerty's son, Francis. The Cardonald College educated Journo was Phil McFournames Editor for his tome, 'Downfall' and signed off on Phil's piece de resistance, 'the Incubator'. Phil criticised the New IRA for sending a letter bomb to Glasgow University's Jeanette Findlay two years past, closed down the whole Uni'. Jeanette Findlay founded Call it Out and never fail fails to promote Cairde na h'eirann. Call it Out championed Cannon Tom White and his trials with the Orange Order member who spat on him. Cannon Tom's Presbytery sits right next door to the Squirrel Bar, HQ of the Green Brigade. I could go on.


Chain, chain, chain, ship of fools? It's for you to say. All those mentioned above are guaranteed seamless progress. They are the converted and Kevin continues to preach.

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13 hours ago, barca72 said:

And that is the real point, eh? As long as we're all right then the situation is okay.

You wake up on the wrong side of your bed or something? Someone said they’d be coming after Gersnet next and I said I thought the site would hold up well to scrutiny. What exactly is your problem?

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13 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

Whataboutery throws up lots of anomalies, many are condemned forever more because of stating a view ie Chris Graham -what's happened to him?

I didn't think there was anything wrong with his Tweets.  


Alas, in today's 'progressive' society we're no longer allowed to take the piss.

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On 03/09/2021 at 08:40, Ieatbats said:

Who gets to decide what is offensive ? Are you going to hand your free speech to a Nationalist government to decide what you can and cannot say ? Is that not what we accuse China and Russia of doing and claim it's abusing human rights and the freedom of speech ? 


A good point but i think the ship has already sailed on those points. There is a massive free speech issue in this country and it is getting worse. 


From cancelling people with different views at universities, to big tech closing people down views they dont agree with (Chinese lab issue is perfect example) to even cancelling the US President, then the SG wanting children to inform on their parents if they "mis-speak" at home and on to Corporates and recruitment firms trawling through social media of prospective or current employees.


The UK is not free by any means - and is probably now the most intollerent of free speech in Western Europe.  


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1 hour ago, Bill said:

I believe you might be an actual saint. 

Not sure what you are getting at here bud, is it that you think it's too difficult to refrain from being racist or sectarian or that you think everyone is refraining from being racist or sectarian? It's funny that whenever these things happen (which is pretty regularly to be honest) people are defensive rather than just accepting that there are certain things we shouldn't say or do. It is possible to believe that certain factions in the media or society hold an agenda against rangers and rangers fans, whilst also believing that we continuously do this to ourselves.

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