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3 minutes ago, ChelseaBoy said:

It's the middle class move into football. No standing, no swearing, no songs they dont approve of, prices rising to keep out the masses, CCTV and stewards everywhere to make sure they feel safe, welcome to PL football.

I once asked a middle class man what team he supported. "Oh, well, I support all teams, really!" They just don't understand the tribalism.

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I might be a bit odd but it's the nastiness that attracts me to football.  When I was a kid I loved the sick humour, the bad behaviour, the terrible language and all that.  I like football as well but take the dark side out of it and I'd probably rather watch it on TV.


We have to behave all week at work and be responsible in our home life.  Don't we get anywhere to be horrible bastards anymore?

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12 hours ago, CammyF said:

I hear a few DR employees are locking  / deleting their social media accounts this morning as their own "views" are being highlighted and sent to relevant organisations. Too little to late and I wonder what their feelings are towards their colleague today?

The OBFA all over again.

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