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2 hours ago, ian1964 said:


You must be most careful with Angela Haggerty.


Within three months she lost both her Father and the Father of her infant child. As well as such misfortune, Angela is a self confessed self harmer and also obsessed by death metal. I am sure her Cardonald College education and denial of the murder of Lyra McKee is a great comfort to her? Still, there's always Stuart Cosgrove's comforting arm.

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"Police Scotland said it was unable to confirm whether it had received any formal complaints."

An extraordinary statement, given the alacrity with which this organisation moved to make public comment over the doctored Rangers' players' video of 'Sweet Caroline'.  

Its observations, then, were that  players were filmed "apparently" using  discriminatory language, not "allegedly", as one might expect, although, to be fair to Poileas Alba, the source of the film was the unimpeachable Mr Wullie Wanker. 


One thing is for sure: there are too many tweets, posts, etc, from too many people, on too many subjects, over too long a timescale, for anyone to reasonably claim that phones/tablets/laptops were lost, or stolen, or -individually or collectively- hacked. 


The Daily Record seems to employ a large number of what Sturgeon might call "vile" people, but won't.



‘Hate tweets’ inquiry after Rangers fans hand over dossier to Daily Record

Marc Horne

Tuesday September 07 2021, 12.01am, The Times


The Daily Record has confirmed that it is looking into claims that journalists used offensive and discriminatory language on Twitter




One of Scotland’s best known tabloid newspapers has started an investigation after reporters were accused of using “hate speech” on social media.

The Daily Record has confirmed that it is looking into claims that journalists used offensive and discriminatory language on Twitter.

The newspaper ran a front-page story last week disclosing that members of the Heart and Hand football podcast, an official media partner of Rangers FC, had used anti-Catholic and sectarian language in the past.


In response Rangers supporters compiled a dossier containing distasteful comments allegedly made by Daily Record staff members. In one tweet it is claimed that one journalist made an obscene comment about the Prophet Muhammad and also tweeted: “Where are the IRA when you need them?” alongside an image of the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Glasgow.

Others are accused of homophobic comments, with one writer allegedly stating that he had wanted to “stab” a “really, really feminine gay guy”.

It is alleged that writers referred to members of the travelling community as “gypos” and “pikeys” and used slurs against disabled people, Rangers supporters and the Queen.


David Edgar, the founder of Heart and Hand, said in a video posted online that he wanted to “ask the Daily Record if they will abide by the same conditions which they asked us to abide by. Will they apologise for this? Will the members of staff be disciplined?

“And given that the Daily Record said that any organisation who are facing an investigation for this should have their press privileges revoked, can I take it that the Daily Record will be voluntarily agreeing not to cover any Scottish football matches whilst any of their staff who are under investigation for hate tweets are investigated?”


In a statement, the Daily Record said: “A number of historical tweets from some of our writers have come to our attention. The Daily Record takes any claims of discrimination or hate speech very seriously and we have launched a full investigation into the matter.”

The Glasgow-based newspaper had reported that Ian Hogg and Cammy Bell, management team members of the podcast, had used offensive language. Both men resigned and issued public apologies after a police investigation was started.


A number of Rangers supporters claimed they had reported comments allegedly made by Daily Record journalists to the police.


Police Scotland said it was unable to confirm whether it had received any formal complaints.




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Sectarianism in SNP Scotland can be split into GOOD SECTARIANISM and BAD SECTARIANISM.


GOOD SECTARIANISM is anti-British, anti-Protestant songs and whatever else from the jolly craicsters in the East End. It seldom results in prosecution.


BAD SECTARIANISM is anything to do with the Rangers support for which there might be a remotest chance of prosecution.


In other words the legal system is corrupt. Every time I see Asst Chief Constable Bernard Higgins I see a police officer with an agenda. Selective policing if ever I saw it.


Then there’s the mhedia. Selective reporting by pseudo journos and pseudo pundits with an agenda like Higgins. Pick and choose what to report & what to ignore.


But the excellent work by H&H has exposed this pond life for what they are…. themselves BIGOTS who thought they could mask this by accusing others but their past caught up with them in the end


For that we owe H&H eternal gratitude and let it be a warning to the remaining Rangers-hating pondlife out there 

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