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11 hours ago, PoohBear said:

No, I think the problem is that we do have a sizeable element of the support that does this stuff. Would anyone actually be surprised if fans were singing the song? Regardless, the issue for me is that people try to play it down rather than eradicate it.


I was certainly surprised when I heard the claims that it had been sung as I haven't heard it for many (8?) years.


That's not to say that I wouldn't be surprised if there were songs sung which shouldn't be.


However if someone is genuine about it then they shouldn't concentrate on examples that appear to be fake. That's a waste of time and just gets people's backs up.


There's been real progress made, if you compare what's sung at Ibrox to what was sung 15 years ago. It's not an overnight process. 


It's also not helped by the continued free reign that the likes of the press and the SNP give to Celtic fans, who have been far worse than us over the past 10 years, and our young team see that and react with the "well, if they can do it..." attitude to an extent, although in general, again it's been a lot less than it has been in the past.

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10 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

Police Scotland just announced three men have been arrested for racially aggrevated offences that took place on Sunday.  Further arrests expected.  

And the Chief Superindentent says "We will continue to work with Rangers FC to identify and take appropriate action against those responsible."


Obviously under political instructions to bring Rangers into it. Apart from making prejudicial statements, it seems that he is saying that Rangers are responsible for issues that happen in the city centre.


The police have become an arm of the SNP.

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19 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

The police have become an arm of the SNP.

And it goes further up the legal chain than that.


Rangers supporters need to wise up to what's going on and accept that we are being scrutinised to a higher degree and need to behave accordingly.


They tried to kill us off in 2012, it didn't work, so now it's death by a thousand cuts.

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19 hours ago, PoohBear said:

Should they be able to sing whatever they want without consequence? What about singing in a derogatory manner about someone’s skin colour? Should that be allowed?

There is a difference between something that offends and something that is designed to cause hatred, the latter covered by law, the former quite rightly not.

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2 hours ago, Bluedell said:

I'd also say that the "famine chant" isn't sectarian, and was aimed at Scottish people pretending to be Irish.


Those who want to be offended ignore the irony and claim to be offended and perhaps some genuinely are. I personally don't think it's offensive  as it's taking the piss out of "plastic paddys" but certainly agree that it shouldn't be sung.

Agree completely.  It is a piss take.  This anti Irish nonsense needs addressed.  They are either Irish or Scottish, not both.  We are not talking here about people who are first or second generation immigrants.  


All of that aside, I wish they would just stop singing stuff to the offended.  I am sick of them feeding Dornan, Yousef, Haggerty et alia.  It just adds to the myth that we are full of hate while they remain the good guys. 

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Further club statement



AFTER liaising with Police Scotland regarding a well documented incident on Sunday, Rangers have written to 3 individuals to confirm their indefinite ban from all club fixtures.


We reiterate our Club stance against all forms of discrimination and once again, underline our approach to so-called ‘fans’ who bring the good name of Rangers FC into disrepute.



Club Statement | Rangers Football Club


Were the club so quick to condemn those players in the dressing room who were subject to a fake video?

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