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1 minute ago, Gonzo79 said:

The more we apologise, the more power we give them.  

That’s clear to most but apparently not clear enough for those of our fellow fans who continue to wring their hands like good little puppets. 

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Three people have been arrested I believe ?

Just read polis Alba chief super Mark Sutherland refer to their crimes as ‘racial’ presumably he means the famine song & its anti-Irish theme.

Truly amazing that this eejit doesn’t understand the difference between race & ethnicity  


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The problem today in SNP Scotland is that there is GOOD BIGOTRY and GOOD SECTARIANISM and there is BAD BIGOTRY and BAD SECTARIANISM.


GOOD BIGOTRY and GOOD SECTARIANISM is anti-British, anti-English,anti-Rangers, anti-Protestant  etc. It is condoned and seldom results in arrests & prosecutions


BAD BiGOTRY and BAD SECTARIANISM is anti-catholic, anti-Irish and always leads to arrests & prosecutions where possible by PS and COPFS who are under the control of SNP Holyrood but shouldn’t be.


A dangerous situation I’d suggest. And one which will increase rather than eradicate the problem 


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